Monday, August 25, 2008

Self-Ed 8/25/08

Read this week:

Bambi (completed)
The Velveteen Rabbit

I never got into Bambi like I'd wanted to. I plodded through it, reading it because I was supposed to, and never really wanting to pick it up. I guess that's a consequence of loving the movie so much as a young girl. The book just isn't as much like the movie as I wanted it to be. Oh well. Next week I start back on the Anne series, hopefully to finish it soon.

1984 (completed)
Call of the Wild (in progress)

1984 was a re-read. I had it as a reading assignment in 10th grade, but seeing as that was a long time ago, it was very nearly a first-time read. Anyways, I found it to be quite an interesting book, one that I understood much better about 10 years after the first read. Very interesting commentary on human thought. There's a portion of the book where Orwell puts on his I'm-a-political-philosopher hat (the part where Winston's reading the book), which I found to be very boring, although it was still fairly relevant to the plot.

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