Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Public Schools

A school system in our state has lost its accreditation. The governor has said that the 'graduates' will still be able to get into Georgia state colleges, but they will not be able to get scholarships. So there has been talk of trying to get all the star athletes into public schools in other districts. They have so far made no such provisions for the star academic students. And yet they say that their primary goal is to help the students through this. Ugh.

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  • Alan

    It sounds like more of the same. The same attitudes that led to losing accreditation are now thinking about star athletes rather than academics.

  • Birdie

    Wow. That sure makes homeschooling look good, doesn't it? I feel for the poor students there.

  • Ewokgirl

    I hate to hear that. It really angers me just how often sports become more important than academics. This is, unfortunately, not atypical.

  • Harmony's Mom

    What I heard on the news was that the Governor approved all students who would have gotten in under the old accreditation would be able to have the Hope scholarship if they were Hope eligible. That sounds like an academic scholarship to me.

  • Harmony

    You're right, they can get HOPE. Sorry for the confusion.

    I heard on the radio yesterday a home sale ad from Clayton County (I think it was a joke?): "Beautiful house in prime condition in an excellent neighborhood for a bargain price. Great opportunity to homeschool!!"

  • Thehotrod5

    I hate that :( Its the same way around here though...sports are more important. It can snow 10 feet outside and if there is a basketball game that night...you can bet we will have school :(