Friday, October 31, 2008

Garden Update - October 2008

Hopefully the next few months will be better blogging months than this one. I even almost forgot to do a garden update.

The weatherman on the radio said that cold temperatures this past week would bring the end of the growing season. One of my co-workers (who knows that we garden) also remarked that it was the end of the growing season. Not so. For us, the growing season is year-round.

We woke up this morning to find this little ice spike. The temperature has been fairly cold (for Georgia) this week. Perhaps other days had the potential for ice formation, but this is the only day that I noticed.

Garden Update Oct 2008 - Ice Spike

What you see here is mostly cabbage. Broccoli occupies the top right, more Chinese radish in the top left, brussel sprouts on the bottom row, and spinach and carrots occupy the bottom right quadrant. Those who enlarge the picture will see that we have some garlic coming up! And if your eyes are well-trained, you might see some onion sprouts too (mostly potato onions). I am very excited about growing onions, as we use onions quite frequently. We also have green onions growing in a window box, to the left of the raised bed.

Garden Update Oct 2008 - 2nd Raised Bed

The first raised bed that we made. Note to selves for next year: radish and turnips SHADE things like crazy. A number of our carrot and spinach plots in this box totally failed because the foliage blocked sunlight. We planted two plots of napa cabbage (used for kimchi), but it doesn't look like we'll be having any homegrown kimchi this year. We also planted onions and garlic in this box, in the failed squares.

Garden Update 2008 - 1st raised bed

This is what happens when the pup runs gleefully around the yard while it's still dew-y. If she were smart enough, she'd figure out that dirt socks lead to baths.

Luna's Dirt Socks
I know that all people think their own dog is the cutest, but for us, this is actually true.. ;)

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  • Julie

    Your garden looks great. I too learned that some plants are sunshine hogs so I plan to fix that next year. I never did get my cold weather plants in so I am only benefiting from the remains from my summer garden. Some basil and green peppers.

  • Harmony's Mom

    It has still not frozen over here, so I still have some tomatoes & green peppers. I also need to dig up the carrots & potatoes that are in the ground. Otherwise, it is over until spring. Luna is so cute! It's too bad dirty paws makes the humans crazy but if she were over here she would get a bath too! We are lucky she only got dewy paws the days she was over here.