Wednesday, October 08, 2008

He Cannot Destroy The Soul

Every time I think about the fact that we are only a month away from a presidential election, I get a bit apprehensive. Both McCain and Obama are politicians through and through. I don't buy any of this "Obama is post-politics" nonsense, and McCain's "maverick" gimmick is tiresome to me (especially since his forays into maverick-ness usually come in the wrong places). As I do not claim to be totally objective on this blog, I will state that Our Great Leader Comrade Obama prompts more dread than Old Man McAmnesty.

Image from CNBC.com - McCain ObamaLately, I have been telling myself that Our Great Leader Comrade Obama, with the government behind him, can only destroy the body. He cannot take my soul, although I'm sure many would be willing to pledge their souls to him. If he destroys my body, my soul will still live. Who we should really fear is God, who can destroy both the body and the soul.

And you know, I don't really recall any place in the Bible that says we are guaranteed a comfortable life here on earth. There's no promise that taxes will be low so that we can better take care of our own families. There's no promise that governments will rule with responsibility. There's no promise that everyone will be able to have all the expensive things in life, like big flat screen TVs and cell phones more powerful than my current computer.

For the Christian readers, let's try to remember and really act like our true citizenship is in heaven, and that our residency on earth is just temporary. One day all our bones and meat will be obliterated and we'll be on our way to Canaan's land where the soul never dies

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  • Julie

    Thats funny. I was having thoughts along these lines yesterday. No, I don't want Obama to win, but really what's the worst that could happen? If I trust in God then Obama's worst can not harm me!

  • Ginny

    Amen, brother!

    This world is not my home!


  • CappuccinoLife

    Good attitude. I am refusing to panic. (and enjoying watching the liberals panic, hee hee :p oh, my, there are a few who are convinced that Bush is going to steal the election, or if Obama wins undeniably, Bush will declar martial law)

    Anyway, no matter how badly we fare under the next government, it's true that ultimately there is nothing they can do do our souls and we can look forward to heaven if things get difficult here

  • Jackie

    Along the same line...if you read, the US isn't mentioned in the end times.....interesting.

  • Jackie

    Oops...fingers not typing fast enough...I meant, if you read in the Bible...