Thursday, October 09, 2008

How To Get On JunkMale's Hit List

When I started this post yesterday, I was in an annoyed mood. Thus a list of things that annoy me.

  • "Fam?" "The fam?" "The clan?" All fine. "Fambly?" Instant death.

  • When people write "preggo" or "preggers" instead of "pregnant." (ARGH MORE DEATH)

  • Expecting a phone call, I'll sit at my desk for like 5 days straight, but when I get up to go to the bathroom, the call will inevitably come while I'm not there.

  • When people don't return phone calls, especially when I explicitly request them to.

  • Politicians.

  • Doctor office's lunch breaks. If you call a doctor's office between 11 and 2:30, the answering machine will say they're on lunch break.

  • Most FAQs. They hardly ever answer my questions.

  • The majority of people who comment on YouTube videos. These people are candidates for the lowest form of life on earth. Vacuous and vapid.

  • Deadbeat pond scum on Craigslist who are endowed with bovine intelligence. See sentence #2, above.

  • The following blurb from the local news/talk radio station:
    Andrew Kinsey is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He brings a creative blend of energy, dedication, charm, and a fresh perspective as the newest member of the News/Talk 750 WSB Traffic Team.
    "Fresh perspective??" He is a member of the traffic reporting team. He tells you how bad the traffic is the highways. How many perspectives can there be..???

  • People using "Reply to all" when not necessary at all.

Since we're all in the mood now, let's hear about your pet peeves in the comments.

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  • Iris

    It's entertaining to read about people's pet peeves, and sometimes I even think about changing my own mannerisms b/c I realized that I was guilty of other people's pet peeves.

    Hmm......well, I'm sure I have a lot, but here are a couple:

    1) People who overuse the term "OCD." I think the public needs to be made aware of how much anxiety this disorder causes and not say the term so lightly.
    2) Road rage - I am one of the few who doesn't understand the need to drive way over the speed limit. And since I care so much about what others think of me =P, I find myself doing things to lessen their rage (e.g., driving faster)
    3) When people think I get straight As
    4) When people leave the water running when doing dishes
    5) When people are not conservative in electricity use
    6) When people don't wash their hands when they obviously need to (e.g., after the bathroom, touching raw meat, etc.)

    I'm sure I could go on if I had more time.....:)

  • Marianne

    Regular reader, first time commenter. I wanted to say a) that I hope your day has gotten better, and b) I have a couple of items to add.

    1). People who use the word "addicting".

    2). The sentence "it is what it is."

    I could not agree more about the Youtube comments. I would add to that people who call/write into sports radio, television, online newspapers. I don't think the folks are necessarily dumb, but they come across as very dumb bullies.

  • Harmony

    OK, here are a couple more:

    *Made up fusion words like "Webinar". That must be the stupidest word ever invented.

    *When someone uses unnecessary or redundant words when speaking: 2am in the morning (2am is always in the morning), or "whether or not I _____ or not" (I hear that one constantly. It should either be "whether or not I _____" or "whether I _______ or not")

  • Alan

    People who blame their mistakes on someone else.

    People who think they are entitled to something they have not earned.

    Dishonest politicians. (Was that redundant?)

    Biased news reporters.

    Ok, you can see a trend developing....

  • Ewokgirl

    People who talk on their cell phones while driving! I'm so ready for that to be illegal here.

  • Ginny

    Talking on the cell phone while driving is not the smartest thing (although I have done it), but the thing that bothers me most is that people HAVE to answer the cell phone at all times. Even when they are talking to someone. The cell phone is the most important thing in their lives. I hate to see people in a checkout line talking animatedly with the cashier and then suddenly ignore the cashier, who is trying to be cheerfully talkative, when the phone rings.

    Also, call waiting, which I have on my phone at home. I use it to see who is calling and then I will call them back when I am done with the phone call I am on now. If I am waiting on a call from my beloved and I get another call, I tell them that if my beloved calls I will have to hang up with them. I don't put anyone on hold. If someone has such an emergency, they better call 911, not me.

    I have lots of other pet peeves, like mispronunciations. (Reelitor for realtor, nuculer for nuclear, mischeeveeus for mischievous, etc.) Use a dictionary!

    Thank you for providing this medium for relief. LOL!


  • Homeschoolin' hot-rodders

    OK so now I know I could never meet ginny face to face (as I think I mis-pronounce all the things she listed) LOL. I have heard them pronounced both ways and thought it was dependant on what part of the country you live in..for example....When I lived in Fl we pronounced Cincinnati Sin-si-na-tee....Now that I live an hour away from the said city people pronouce it Sin-ci-na-ta...really??? Then there is always the joke on how to prounounce Louisville (Ky)...yes we are one hour away from that city too. When I moved here I called it Luey-ville...oh boy I was laughed at for that one. Many around here pronounce it loo-a-vull or loo-vul...crazy huh?

    Now my own pet peeves:

    Finger nail filing while in church service....really???? is it Really necessary? Is there NO other time you can file your nails?

    People who ask if my children are all related....well lets see...I am mom...my husband is dad...my guess would be yes...then they try to say well what I mean is do all your children have the same REAL (arg) parents....that would be like me walking up to another mother of several children and saying Do all your children have the same father? Different question but just as rude and intrusive....

    Thanks for letting us VENT! LOL