Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Look Ahead - Spring Garden 2009

If you've been following our blog for more than a month, you'll probably have learned that we have a backyard garden. In fact, we're pretty obsessed with edible gardening. We have grand plans for our 2009 garden, so I thought I'd give you a head's up for what's going to be new (to us) this year:

* 2 (maybe 3) additional raised beds
* blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries (although we'll probably only get a harvest of strawberries this year)
* lemons, figs, grapes, and cherries (all new to our garden, except for the grapes)
* 2 varieties of potatoes, to be grown in trash cans
* winter and summer squash (we tried to grow these last year with very pitiful results)
* and if we get the third bed made, SWEET CORN!!! Sixty-four whole stalks! :-D

Everything else should be much the same as it was this year, with a few new varieties added and a few old varieties abandoned. With the new raised beds, we're hoping for less weeding, easier harvesting, and a greater yield. Has anyone else started planning their garden yet?

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  • Ginny

    Good job! I am usually planning my next garden before I harvest the current one. This last summer, I actually had graphs drawn for the next two years. I am a planner.


  • Sherry

    I have turned over the soil where the potatoes & carrots were (in trying to dig up any remaining potatoes & carrots). I also pulled up any remaining stalks that had died. As you know, the sweet potatoes did much better than I would have ever dreamed. I guess I will try them again next year, & if Alan is willing, maybe we will have them in trash cans also. Otherwise, I probably won't do anything more until spring.