Friday, December 05, 2008

Sunday School Memoirs: Mr. JunkMale the Friend

I ran into some very minor behavior issues during this year's quarter. You see, a number of the 4 and 5 year olds in our congregation view Mr. JunkMale as Mr. JunkMale The Plaything. This sets the stage for slight difficulties when it comes time for Mr. JunkMale to become Mr. JunkMale The Taskmaster.

Last year, I didn't have many issues at all. Harmony and I were much newer to the congregation, and I hadn't had too much interaction with the children that age up until my tour of duty as a Sunday school teacher. So when the students came in and sat down, they sat down in front of some relatively unknown Asian fellow.

However, this year, there were two factors that made a difference: obviously the passage of one year, but the main one was that many of my students from last year were still in my class this year. The Sunday school group above mine had too many students, and so Harmony and some other women restructured the pre-k/kindergarten age group. This resulted in the aforementioned repeat students.

Last year allowed the students to get to know Mr. JunkMale. The whole three quarters in between last year and this one allowed them to constantly pull at my arms after service, beckoning me to come play with them. I always obliged, of course.

For a class or two, I had some disorderly students who made it a bit difficult for me to teach the lesson. One of them was actually a three year old who would sit in on my class when her teacher wasn't there, so that's a bit excusable, I guess. All that was required on my part was to notify her parents of her behavior and request that they have a talk discussing Mr. JunkMale The Taskmaster vs. Mr. JunkMale The Plaything.

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