Friday, January 23, 2009

My New Diet

Longtime readers might remember that JunkMale and I consider ourselves to be on a permanent diet. We don't like the idea of fad health trends, and our idea of a healthy diet is one that consists entirely of ingredients we recognize. That isn't changing. But the past two weeks or so have led to two separate doctors admonishing me to pay closer attention to what I eat.

So what is this new diet my doctors want me to go on? More fruits? More vegetables? Lower fat? Um, no. According to my doctors, I should be eating: meat, whole fat milk, butter, and nuts. Protein and fat. That's what they kept telling me: "More protein. More fat. Don't try to cut out your fats, embrace them! Cook with butter instead of oil. You do eat meat, right? Make sure to eat a lot of it! Eat every hour and be sure to load up on fats and protein - like pizza - right before bed."

So what led to this non-standard advice from my doctors? Well, to begin with, I haven't been gaining much weight. Halfway through my pregnancy, I have gained a sum total of 3.5 pounds. That alone wouldn't be a cause for concern, I don't think. Some women only gain 15 or 20 pounds during the whole pregnancy. But I am already on the small side, and I have troubles with low blood sugar.

And yesterday, I came very close to fainting at the post office. Full, blacked-out vision, a rushing sound in my ears drowning out any of the sounds around me, etc. Luckily I was leaning against the counter at the time, so no harm done, but it was kind of scary. It might have been caused by low blood sugar, or standing in line, or just because I have a cold. So the doctors want me to cover all the bases: keep off my feet, take it really easy until my cold is past, try to avoid standing in long lines, drink lots of fluids, and eat fat.

It all sounds delightful to me. Now if only my house could clean itself while I was resting in bed eating my homemade trail mix.... ;-)

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  • Alan

    Sounds like fun. If only you had known this before our recent dinner at Longhorn!

  • Homeschoolin' hot-rodders

    Oh no! But hey...who is complaining right?? Anytime someone tells you to eat more buter and good fats....take them up on it LOL

  • Ewokgirl

    Oh, that's frightening about the blackout! I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly lately. Colds are never fun, but I imagine they're made worse if you're pregnant and can't take meds.

    Look at it this way about the diet: most women would kill to have their doctors tell them to eat what you're being told to! Good luck with the "diet."

  • CappuccinoLife

    OOooooh, now that's the kind of diet I'd like. :p Butter is the original comfort food. On brown rice with a little salt, yum! On potatoes with cheddar cheese, yum! On vegetables with garlic, yum!

    I am so embarassed. We moved a couple of months ago, and got a new computer, and I still haven't finished updating my favorites list. So I totally missed that you are preggers!