Monday, April 27, 2009

My Mom Has an Addiction

My mom is addicted to buying baby clothes. Occasionally she slightly deviates and buys baby hardware like a beautiful jogging stroller at a yard sale for $35 and a wonderful brand new car seat. But in general, her weakness is baby clothes.

I went through my stash of infant clothes today. At least 75% of them are from my mom. Here's the preliminary count:

*12 preemie outfits, 3 of which are for babies "up to 5 pounds" (my mom just has this feeling that I'm going to have a small baby)
* 27 onesies, size 0-3 months
*35 sleepers, size 0-3 months

If I do my math correctly, assuming babies wear an average of 3 outfits a day, no outfit need be worn more than 4 times in the entirety of baby's first 3 months. Of course, this doesn't count special outfits like the beautiful Sunday dresses, the cute sundresses, the heirloom baby shirts, plain white onesies, and Halo sleep sacks. And it also does not count the clothing that awaits me when this baby outgrows her 0-3 month outfits.

Do you think there's a 12-step program for this? ;-)

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  • alice

    Harmony, You might want to exchange some of the small clothes. Babies grow super fast initially...even preemies.

    I think loving a grandchild too much is not an addiction...it's a right! Healthy Wishes! Alice

  • Harmony

    Alice, they're all second-hand outfits, so there's no returning them. Besides, there are loads and loads of larger sizes to replace them. This baby is going to be so well-dressed it's scary. ;-)

    I think her "addiction" is very cute, honestly. But ask my dad: she can't drive by a yard sale, thrift store, or consignment store without stopping in to see if there are any good baby things.

  • Alan

    I think it's going to take more than twelve steps for your Mom!

  • Laura

    Wow, the jogging stroller is an impressive find. I'm not big on strollers, but my friends who have these love them. And they tend to go for a *lot* more than $35!

    Addiction though it may be, it's also a remarkable talent our mother has. Between her adorable finds and hand-me-downs from friends, I am lucky not to even know how much children's clothing costs. I haven't had to buy a single outfit to date, and we have enough clothes to last till Savannah's first birthday.

  • Marianne

    We have that jogging stroller, and it's fabulous (ours was a steal too, but not as much as that one). We live in a city, and it's great for city sidewalks and streets.

    I thought we had a ton of stuff before our son was born, but we still managed to run out of clothes. I would suggest to your mom (I did the same thing for my mom and MIL) to buy more 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff.

    I hope you're still feeling well.

  • Veiled Glory

    This is why I always buy a 6-9 month size or larger for baby shower gifts. ;-)

  • Anne Marie@Married to the Empire

    This is hilarious!

    My parents get so frustrated with my sister (specifically my dad) because she doesn't want a lot of clutter and extras in her small house. She doesn't let him buy all the stuff he wants to buy for his granddaughters. When they were here in TX recently, we all went shopping for the girls. My sister kept saying no to stuff for the youngest, and finally my dad said, "Don't show your sister!" Meaning, he wanted to buy stuff, and he didn't want her to know about it!

    Grandparents are a little nutty like that. I mean that in the kindest way. :-)

  • Sherry

    I want everyone to know I have been targeting 6-9 months and 12-18 months for awhile now. It's just that last weekend our church had a yard sale & I had the opportunity to preview (hence the stroller). My latest finds (Laura will be happy): 2 tan/khaki overalls 12-18 months (Old Navy & Gymboree), 1 gray denim overalls 12-18 months (Old Navy), 2 blue jeans overalls 12-18 months, 1 Old Navy blue jeans overalls size 24 months (way bigger than the 18 months; I am still trying to find good 24 months, maybe they will be in between), and a pair of 12 months blue jeans with elastic over halfway around and snaps on the legs. Isn't this better than buying shoes?