Friday, April 24, 2009

Nooks and Crannies

You hear the phrase "nooks and crannies." Have you ever heard someone use just one word or another? Like, "Nigel was banished to the nook for his misbehavior," or "The rat made its hiding place in the cranny."

Just wondering.

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  • Laura

    Seems like I've heard "nook" by itself before ("Grandfather's house had a cozy little nook where Susie liked to spend the afternoon reading") but to my ear "cranny" doesn't sound right without the rest of the phrase...

  • Harmony

    I agree with Laura. "Cozy nook" is a phrase I'm familiar with. Cranny? Not so much.

  • Alan

    Google is your friend. ;-)

    The first hit (other than dictionary definitions) was a game called Travian which has a whole page on "Cranny" where it is stated:

    The cranny is used to hide at least some of your resources when the village is attacked. These resources can not be stolen.