Friday, July 17, 2009


This installment of "What Would You Do?" is for all the moms in our readership - which is to say, 98% of you.

You are nursing a very hungry baby - a very hungry, slightly cranky baby - when you hear a series of massive poops. You greatly suspect that the diaper the baby is wearing is not quite up to the task, especially since said baby is about a week from outgrowing it. If you act immediately, you might salvage your clothes and possibly the baby's as well. However, this will likely make the baby incredibly unhappy, and it may already be too late to salvage the clothes. Then again, the baby can always eat later, and what's a few tears when compared to the extra laundry?


(This mom decided a happy baby was worth a bit of extra laundry and the extra wipes it took to clean Pearl's entire back, but in retrospect it might not have been the best decision considering we both now need baths... ;-)

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  • Laura

    Oh. Dear.

    I'm not sure what I would have done. Fortunately for me, when Savannah was in her newborn stage, the weather was cold enough that she was always wearing sleepers or similar. The poop might seep through a little bit (eeew) but at least it never escaped.

    Even if I concluded that salvaging my clothes and hers was worth it, I think I would have been too frozen in fear to act. This is why Savannah did not EC train with #2 until it started taking her longer to, erm, get things moving.

    Sending soapy thoughts your way! *grin*

  • Sherry

    I always used a burp cloth or changing pad when I was holding you and feeding & there was any thought of a leakage (ie cheap disposable diapers). I had forgotten all about that until your post. Laura's suggestion is good too. If baby had a sleeper on, no worries. If baby has only diaper, put something underneath. If you notice pictures of me from long ago, that's what my Mom did! (With a dress on).

  • CappuccinoLife

    Oh, happy baby totally trumps clean clothes!

  • Birdie

    I usually just went with happy baby.

  • Sara

    Hmmm, not sure- I guess I have 20 more weeks to ponder this. But I'm going to say now, my gut tells me a slightly unhappy baby is worth it if there's even a slight chance of avoiding poo on me. Ick. I have been told by many mothers that your own child's poo/vomit/assorted excretions are not nearly as offensive as one might thing, but I'm not really sure I believe them.

  • Harmony

    Sara, I meant to comment on this a long time ago... congratulations! :-)

    Breastmilk poop isn't all that bad (I can't speak for formula), and I can honestly say that Pearl's makes me wrinkle my nose, but it doesn't come close to disgusting me.