Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Grandparents' Disease

Pearl's 100 day celebration* is coming up very soon, on September 11th. Harmony and I had always planned on doing something to celebrate this traditional (vestigial) Korean milestone, with or without extended family. When I mentioned it to my parents a while ago, they were not sure what they would do.

As time went on, it was said that my mom would fly up here for the weekend, because supposedly my dad did not have enough vacation time to take the time off. Well, he must've dug around and found some, because he is also coming up. They said they would get here this coming Sunday evening, since they don't like to miss their church services.

It was said that they would be here Friday at 1 AM (my dad likes to drive through the night) and that we should leave a key hidden so they could come in unannounced.


Now they say they are getting here Thursday evening around 9 or 10 PM. The JunkFamily is not really trusting them to meet those times and I do believe we will be prepared to receive them as early as this evening. I do not actually believe they will be here this evening, but I definitely don't put it past them to get here much earlier than 9 PM on Thursday. They just can't help themselves ;)

Becoming a grandparent also gives you grandparents' disease, apparently. A mental illness reducing sensible, reserved people into frothing maniacs. Then again, I would also be a frothing maniac if I only got to see my dear little Pearl only a few times a year except for webcam and pictures.

* - We will not be incorporating any of those polytheistic pagan practices. We will incorporate traditional Korean food and decorations though. Any prayers had will definitely not be to any non-existent Korean gods.

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  • alice

    I think this is a great disease. I live on the east coast and my parents live in San Francisco. They came so frequently the first couple years of my sons' lives that they thought grandma and grandpa lived locally! Another phenonmenon...You think your parents love you...well, their love for your child will be exponential to their love for you! But it's one situation where playing second fiddle is fine.


  • Sherry

    I am actually very glad to be smitten with grandparent's disease. It is fun to go out & look for books & baby clothes. To be honest, I did that for my children also. The baby disease just came back 26 years later.