Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pearl is Three Months Old

Three months ago at this time, Pearl was about 5 hours old and weighed about half as much as she does. I'm not quite sure if I was sleeping at this point, but I sure did need it. I got less than 10 hours of sleep in three days, I think. Visitors at the hospital took pictures, but I cannot remember being in them.

What follows are random things that I remember from the past three months.

It was drizzly on the way home from the hospital. We played Vivaldi's Four Seasons on the way home, and I told Pearl that it's never too early for homeschooling. Harmony had to steady her head the whole way home because her neck was so floppy.

I don't really remember much from when we got home. But I do remember going into the closet to take a nap, because I don't sleep well when it's light, and it's pretty dark in the closet.

She was in premie clothes for a while, and most of our cloth diapers were way too big for her. I don't quite remember when we transitioned to cloth diapers full time.

Watch out for nystatin! We suspect it's what caused her a couple weeks of colic-y behavior.

She used to hate being naked, but now she loves getting diaper changes. She hates having a shirt pulled off over her head though.

One of her favorite activities used to be staring at the wall, but now she LOVES ceiling fans, on or off. She will stare at them, smile at them, and sometimes even talk to them. Good old ceiling fan friend.

She didn't get her first bath until between one or two weeks, I think. Currently she averages about two baths a week. Some people bathe their babies every night. Personally, I think it's unnecessary (except for when it IS necessary, like barf or whatever), but what do you think?

I tell people that aside from being Asian, she doesn't look very much like me at all. They laugh as if I were telling a joke, but actually I am being quite serious. Perhaps she will come to look more like me in the future, but comparing to when I was her age, we don't look a thing alike (again, aside from being Korean). I guess we all do look alike then :p I told Harmony that next time I saw a full white baby, that I would pull aside a completely unrelated adult and say "wow you look SO much alike!" My parents think that she looks just like Harmony.

If you are ever planning to take pictures in similar settings to track your baby's growth, make sure not to use a shirt as the comparison item, because it's a big hassle to change a baby's clothes in order to take progress pictures. Instead, use something like a hat or a stuffed animal, so you can prep easily and take the picture and be done. We were/are using a little GT shirt, but have been quite bad about actually taking pictures to mark her progress.

She looks full Korean, but she has such big beautiful eyes. Korean women spend lots of money on surgery in order to attempt to have eyes like her's. Her hair has been getting gradually more brown, which Korean women also imitate by putting all sorts of chemicals in their hair.

She has the muscle condition torticollis, which explains why she favors her left side much more than her right. Fortunately, it's a very mild case and will be easy to correct, since she is so young. The physical therapist congratulated Harmony at the first appointment, since she could very well have been the only mother who has not brought her baby in one of those bucket carseats. She also mentioned that we were already unknowingly doing a lot of the right things, such as not laying her on her back, carrying her over the shoulder, carrying her facing outward, carrying her in the crook of an arm, etc.

Her 100 day celebration will be on September 11th. No dressing up in hanbok yet, but there will still be traditional foods and some traditional decorations, and many pictures to be taken.

She will be going to her first pit barbecue on Monday. At church, of course ;)

If there's anything else you'd like to know about Pearl, feel free to ask in the comments.

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  • Iris

    Happy 3 months, Miss Pearl!!
    I think she transitioned to cloth diapers FT a week or so after we left in June?

    I miss you all a lot!

  • Laura

    Heh, heh... the times they had the ceiling fans on at church were some of the easiest nights to keep Savannah quiet through the service. :-)

    Savannah's cord stump didn't fall off for like for.ever. I think it was two weeks till most of it fell off, but since there was still some left, the doctor didn't want us to bathe her (besides sponge bath) until it was all gone. So I think she was a month old before she had her first "real" bath!

    I think twice a week baths are reasonable. Any more seems like overkill, unless they're making big messes a lot.

  • CappuccinoLife

    Whoever she looks like, she's gorgeous! Lovely baby you got. :)

    Baths: Once a week for the kids, unless a midweek one is absolutely necessary.

  • Alan

    Her first pit barbecue! Now there's an important rite of passage!

  • Birdie

    Awww... What a beautiful baby you have there! Congratulations on reaching 3 months, Miss Pearl.

  • Headmistress, zookeeper

    She is BEAUTIFUL (but you knew that), and this was so much fun to read!

    About the bathing- I bathed my first probably three or four times a week- shocking the dear little biddies at my church who would ask, "Do you choose a morning or an evening bath time" when I would answer "A tri-weekly bath, whenever we feel like it."

    I don't know how they did daily baths, because around 1 year of age our baby developed a horrific case of eczema my doctor said was caused by too frequent bathings. He suggested thereafter no baths unless she actually was visibly and plainly dirty, and then try water not quite so hot and less soap. It worked.

    Oh- and I LOVE your idea to go up to the first full white baby and say she looks just like an unrelated adult!