Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bird watching

I am woefully ignorant of birds, especially those native to our area. I think the last time I "studied" native birds (not ostrich and peacocks and the like) I was four years old. I know about toucans, albatrosses, and emus, but I know almost nothing about wrens, swallows, finches, and sparrows. I would like to rectify this before Pearl is ready to start school, so this spring I am going to learn to identify by sight at least ten birds that are native to our area. I'm not entirely sure how lucky I will be at finding the birds (I've never bird-watched before!), so I put together a rather long list to help me get started. The * indicates birds that I'm pretty sure I can already identify, so I will try to concentrate on the others. All of these birds are year-round residents of our area, based on my research, so we ought to be able to spot 1/3 of them over the course of 13 weeks. I hope.

These are only the year-round residents. I expect we'll come across more than a few birds passing through on their spring migration, too.

I'm hoping to borrow my parents' field guide to birds to help with identification. The next step, should I blow through my list at lightning speed, will be learning to identify them by their calls. Yay for learning!

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  • Alan

    Put a birdfeeder outside your window, and keep it stocked with seeds. Keep a good bird picture book handy. (You can use ours if we can find it...) You'll soon learn about lots of birds. I bet Pearl will find it fascinating!

  • Sherry

    How's the birdwatching going? Spring seems to have sprung-I am hearing more birds than ever this week! They are really out there now.

  • Harmony

    I've seen lots of robins, a bluejay, and two doves. So that's two new birds (although I had a general idea about both of them prior to this, so I don't know if that would count...) in one and a half weeks. Hopefully the more we're able to get out walking, the more I'll see!