Monday, March 08, 2010

Ideologues, Pragmatists, etc.

While driving home, I usually have Sean Hannity on the radio. Not necessarily because I want to hear what he has to say (if you've heard him once or read any conservative blogs during the day, you don't really need to listen again because he doesn't have anything new to offer, IMO) but because that particular radio station has the best traffic updates.

I often hear him sneer about how Our Great Leader Comrade Barack Hussein Obama (Hope Be Upon Him) is a radical leftist ideologue. One day I had the thought: What if a staunch conservative had been elected, whose conservative reforms were meeting opposition in the legislative process? Then, Hannity would not say "ideologue" in a sneering tone, but in a loving carressing sort of tone (if you've ever heard him mention Reagan, it's that tone). Or he'd call him a man of principle.

When a conservative cooperates with a liberal, conservatives call him a sell-out. Liberals call him a pragmatist or a moderate. The same applies when liberals cooperate with conservatives, I imagine. I have heard Bill Clinton called a pragmatist before. I remember conservatives being up-in-arms about bailouts that happened during George W.'s terms, and I believe the general tone was that he was a sell-out or closet socialist.

So I ask any leftist readers - do you admire Our Great Leader Comrade Barack Hussein Obama (Hope Be Upon Him) for "taking a stand on principle"? Would you be disappointed if he "sold out" and supported a change in legislation in order to get something passed?

(I do not need or want to hear opinions on why the current healthcare/jobs bill need to pass in their current forms. I just want to hear opinions on the questions I just posed. I am not trying to trap anyone into saying this or that; you are free to respond or not respond)

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