Friday, June 08, 2007

Consider The Following

White Student Union

White Students Association

White Christian Fellowship

White Scholarship Fund

American Student Association

National Society of White Engineers

Society of American Professional Engineers

Society of Men Engineers

Society of Men in Business

Men's Unicultural Society. From "Women's Multicultural Society" - blazing alarms and red flags go up in my head...how many pro-life women would you expect to find in there? Of course, I could just be thinking cynically.

The source of this satirical list was the list of student organizations at Georgia Tech. Most of these names were taken by changing one ethnic or gender modifier to white, American, or men. Curious how it sounds so "multicultural" and "diverse" until you make a student organization for white American men.

On a side note, I find some of these clubs somewhat redundant. Why does a Korean Undergraduate Student Association need to exist when there's already a Korean Student Association? African American Student Union vs. African Students Association: it's a fight to the finish! There are way more Christian organizations than I want to delve into right now.

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