Monday, June 11, 2007

Stonyfield Farm Customer Service

About a week or two ago, I bought a new Stonyfield Farm product from a local store. I love Stonyfield Farm's yogurt and smoothie products, so I was eager to try this new offering. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with this particular product, and (those who know me well will be shocked to hear this) I was so disappointed that I contacted their customer service department to give them my opinion.

They have been SO nice to me, sending me a reply email promptly, and I received in the mail today two free coupons for the product I disliked and another pack of coupons worth $4 for their other products. They have done such a good job with their customer service that I felt compelled to write a blog entry about it. :) Other companies should take note -- *this* is the way you create a loyal customer base!

Oh, and just FYI -- their yobaby yogurt is not just for babies. In fact, JM says that you really shouldn't waste such divine yogurt on babies, who will not even appreciate it. ;)

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