Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Varmint Update

Earlier, Harmony wrote about how we were having chipmunk troubles. Well, I went out and bought two varieties of rat traps. ** Quick, clean (so far), and non-toxic.

This variety is more expensive ($3 at Home Depot? Can't remember) , but I think they're easier to set, and more sensitive, since their trigger area so big. If the offending animal steps on any part of that perforated plastic pad, the trap goes off. So it might be worth your money.

These were cheaper (I think < $2 at Home Depot) , but as you can see, the trigger area is only that little metal tab that's sticking down.

As a result of these traps, there are three less live chipmunks in the world. EDIT, 2007 June 15: Three less than that, which makes six total. All three were caught in the more expensive traps. However, I don't think they even went for the seeds in the cheaper traps (which I imagine are quite capable). And yes, germophobes, I did buy and use these too:

I have no qualms about killing vermin in our yard. Using live traps means that we would have to drive somewhere else and release the critters, thereby merely moving the problem elsewhere (and I've read about the damage these things can cause). I'm sure they have a niche in the ecosystem, but it's not in our yard and it's not in eating our vegetables. Have a nice day :)

** - I can imagine that these traps would HURT if you accidentally set one off yourself. So be careful if you have little children running around. Or if you have a propensity for absent-mindedly eating rolled oats or sunflower seeds off our patio slab.

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4 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Birdie

    Good for you! I, personally, have no problem at all with the idea of killing pests. I DO want to thank you for not being one of those people who dump your little furry problems on someone else's property, though! ;)

  • La

    "And yes, germophobes, I did buy and use these too."

    I assume that comment was meant for the general readership; you don't know any germophobes in real life, right? ;-)

  • Alan

    So, did you take advantage of the free protein produced on your farm?

  • JunkMale

    I'm sure some form of life benefited from the free protein. At least some ants will enjoy the big meal. With two, I buried them in the backyard, beyond the fence. With the other (now) four, I just went beyond the fence and threw them down the hill as far as I could. No one else's backyard extends into that no man's land, so I wasn't tossing them into someone else's yard.