Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obligatory New Year Post

366 days ago, I wrote this entry. Life was easy back then. We gained unique life experience and thus leveled up quite a few times in 2007, although most of the leveling up was on the anguishing side.

Perhaps the best way to prepare for 2008 is to expect another 2007? I know that sounds pessimistic, but if we prepare for the worst and get anything better than that, maybe it won't seem as bad. Am I too young to be thinking like this? It sounds a lot worse than I actually feel about 2008. After all, we could have a biological baby. We could very well get the adoption process underway. We will almost certainly get another dog. Many good things can happen to us. And I know it's sappy beyond recognition for me to say something like this, but Harmony and I still have each other, and we still have family. Hopefully that will be the most sappy thing I say this year.

I had a chuckle as we drove to church last night. We passed a gym, which was unusually (or usually) full of New Year's bodybuilders and New Year's joggers. A couple of weeks ago, that place was lights-out whenever we drove by on our way to church. In a couple of weeks, there's a good chance that it will again be lights-out.

I've never been one for making serious New Year's resolutions. The only time I made a half-hearted attempt is probably when I was forced to do so in school. After elementary school when teachers no longer forced me to make up fake/generic resolutions ("I resolve to be more [sic] nicer," "I resolve to make good grades"), I remember resolving to do things like keeping my feet warm and not making resolutions.

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  • Jarrod Danger Hahn

    I had just randomly stumbled across your blog. You seem like a very squared away, decent guy. I could not help but think: "I wish I had more friends like this back in school"

    Best of luck to you and your Wife in everything. I hope it all works out.

  • Birdie

    One's life DOES take so many unexpected turns...

    Sappy or not, at least you have your priorities straight.