Monday, February 11, 2008

Resolution Update

I have an update to make on my New Year's "resolution," which was to drink less than 5 cans of soda in 2008. This past weekend, while we were at Harmony's parents' house, I shared a bottle of Blenheim's ginger ale with my wife. I will maintain that if my wife had not requested it due to yucky tummy, I would not have had any. I'm not quite sure whether I should count it as the equivalent of half a can, or a whole can of soda. I suppose the closer I get to the 5 cans for the year, the more likely I'll be to count it as half a can ;)

Speaking of sodas, I find the concept of diet soda to be somewhat annoying. I see chunky people drinking diet sodas. For what purpose? No idea. As if drinking diet soda will help the chunky people lose weight. Well, here's one study that links low-calorie sweeteners to weight gain. A very small part of me wants to send this to the guy in my office who has a constantly replenished Big Gulp sized cup of Diet Coke. Then again, perhaps I won't, since that would be a bit jerk-ish. Wake up people! If you struggle with your weight and constantly drink soda...either 1) don't complain about your weight, or 2) stop drinking soda.

Speaking of New Year's resolutions, we drove past the gym I mentioned in my obligatory New Year's post. Lights out, locked up, emptier than a politician's promise, darker than a blackout in North Korea. So much for New Year's bodybuilders and marathon runners.

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  • Ron and Ginny

    LOL! sigh... ;-)

    Anyway, diet soda does serve a purpose: making someone feel good in a self-deceived, placebo sort of way. Like many years ago, when I was taught how to eat on weight watchers. Have a whopper with cheese and a diet coke. It feels good!


    Personally, I think diet soda's or any other fake food is poison. (Including non-diet soda's...)

    8-| (meaningful stare...)

  • JunkMale

    Water is definitely the best drink of all. I am not condemning those who drink other things (& I do like to drink tea) but water is best for our health.

  • Harmony's Mom

    I don't know what happened but my comment just posted under junkmale's name. This is Harmony's Mom.

  • The Ramblin' Rat

    Hee! As a self proclaimed "chunky person" I drink Diet Coke simply because I like the taste of it. Regular sodas are just too plain sweet!

    I try to drink water, but I am honestly too addicted to my Diet Coke. My husband calls me a Diet Coke-a-holic!

    I know I shouldn't drink as much of it as I do, but it REALLY helps me get through my day.

  • Thehotrod5

    Yep me too :) I fit along the lines of "chunky." I drink water minimum of 10-12 glasses/day), and when I drink soda I do drink diet. I would prefer to eat my calories than drink them! LOL I do agree that I think there are many thinks out there with hidden items to "gain weight" (check out the book fast food nation).


  • Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks

    I tagged y'all.

  • JunkMale

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add the concession for people who just like the taste of diet sodas better than regular, like Ramblin' Rat. If one likes the taste of it, fine, but one should not fool himself into thinking that he'll magically lose weight by drinking it ;)

    I had a friend in college who was a manager at Wendy's. He'd always get a kick out of people who ordered a double bacon cheeseburger with biggie sized fries...and a diet Coke.

  • Veiled Glory

    I have refused to get my boss a Diet Coke whenever I'm "out" on campus doing other things. If she wants to keep paying 5% of her income to that corporate giant, she can get up and do it on her legs.

    So there! :P

  • Alan

    If you're going to drink a Coke anyway, choosing diet coke will save you 155 calories. Nothing wrong with that (ignoring for the moment the controversies about aspartame).

    Blenheim's Ginger Ale, OTOH, is a gift from God. It just HAS to be good for you!