Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Obligatory Year-in-Review Post

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Fortunately for us, we entered 2008 with low expectations. Unfortunately for us, 2008 met those low expectations quite a few times.

Although we thankfully did not suffer any miscarriages like in 2007, 2008 was still a year filled with frustrations and bitterness. This is not to say that we lived the entirety of 2008 wearing black clothes and screaming and wanting to kill ourselves like people who listen to emo, but the year had more than its fair share of negatives. As of October, it was looking like 2008 would be another overall downer year...until we were (quite surprisingly) greeted with The Two Lines.

We were very apprehensive in the weeks to follow, but each successive doctor's appointment and/or ultrasound (she has had quite a few of both) brought promising news. I don't think either of us will feel that the baby's completely safe until she...well...um...ever?

That's right, "she." Yesterday the ultrasound technician pointed out that the baby was probably a girl. Probably, but not 100% certain. So don't go crazy with all the girl stuff yet. My mom was very excited at the news and has already stated that she wants to buy all new stuff for the baby and that if we need anything at all, that she will buy it for us. Huzzah for Korean generosity ;)

This pregnancy is the reason why you have not heard much else about our efforts to become foster parents. (It's also the reason we had a blogging drought for the last quarter of 2008) I think almost everyone would agree that right now is probably not the best time to go into that sort of thing. We are still open to the idea in the future though; we have submitted all our paper work and references and still intend to become certified. Just not accepting any foster children in the near future though.

What started as a year-in-review post has turned mostly into updates on the pregnancy. That's fine by me, as this thus-far healthy pregnancy was our most significant event in 2008.

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