Monday, March 01, 2010

Books Read in February 2010

A sad, empty list. The Olympics took up my reading time for half the month, but even then it's a bit embarrassing. I must do better next month!

*What Mrs. McGillacuddy Saw! - There wasn't much of Miss Marple in this one, which was a shame. And it seemed to me that everything was decided by guesses. Definitely not my favorite Christie.

*Story of the World, Volume 1 - I now know why the title is Story of the World. Susan Wise Bauer tries to tie a legend or folk tale into each of the chapters, sort of in the style of Fifty Famous Stories Retold. I found it to be very interesting reading (although, admittedly, history is one of my favorite subjects), and I am satisfied with it as a spine book for our homeschool... five years from now. ;-)

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